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Assessment of Voter Registration Public Awareness Campaign

The Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (MOIM), with the support of UNDP LEAP, launched a multi-media awareness campaign which informed citizens of their right to inspect the voter register database. The study assessed the impact of the campaign on the general public and to identify the effectiveness of the campaign with regards to reachability and informing the public of their rights. The aim of the survey was to also learn from this exercise in order to better any future communication between the MOIM and the public. Methodology: Survey sample of prospective voters.
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Market Perception of the Lebanese Red Cross

A study for the Lebanese Red Cross and its key partners (ICRC, the International Federation of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent and The Norwegian Red Cross). Assess prevailing attitudes towards NGOs and donation patterns to be able to devise a new fundraising strategy. A survey evaluated both general public and private business perceptions, awareness levels of NGOs in general and the LRC specifically. Awareness drivers and communication channels were examined, individual and corporate donation patterns, including sums donated and frequency, in addition to the barriers and drivers to donating. Methodology: Nationwide Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI), in-depth interviews, and quantitative surveys of businesses.
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Outlet Relocation Assessment

Study an underperforming location of a retail specialty network. Market demand conditions in the sector in the outlets’ catchment area. Methodology: Consumer demand survey with affluent individuals residing in the outlets’ catchment area. Measure the key image variables for loyalty and regular visitation. Identify the perception of the outlet in comparison to its competitive universe and pinpoint brand strengths and weaknesses.
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Market Share and Perception Analysis of a Lighting Solutions Company

Market share study for a large lighting solutions company. Issues addressed: Positioning versus the competition, Brand perception, Selection process utilized in deciding on suppliers of lighting systems, Message to be communicated, SWOT, identification of unmet needs. Methodology: In-depth interviews with contractors / developers, architects, and electrical engineers and consultants.
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Advertisement Tracker Study

Pre and post advertisement study. Each wave measured awareness and perception, benchmarked versus competitors, and progress tracking on a quarterly basis. The study covered the areas surrounding branches.

Bank Brand Image and Perception Study

Assessment of individuals’ awareness of a bank brand including awareness, perception, and competing bank brands. Methodology: qualitative and quantitative entailing focus groups, CATI interviews. The bank relied on the study to assess their image and formulate their communication strategy.
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Brand Traker

A syndicated four waves per year survey monitoring the performance of banks on Brand Usage and Attitude, Advertising campaign and slogan recall and impact, Brand image and perception, Client satisfaction, Loyalty, and switching intention.
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A syndicated yearly retail-banking study and database. A nationwide sample of 5,000 households to banks identify their regional strengths and weaknesses in comparison to the competition, assess the performance of their products and services, identify product development potential, the strength of their communication and how there are perceived by the general population. BankTrak also helps clients assess their brand health and specific issues to improve.
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Survey Assessing Bank Customers Interaction Channels

Assess bank customers’ interaction channels and customers’ expectations. Evaluation of changes in customers’ lifestyles and handling of financial transactions, and their disposition to adopting e-banking services. Methodology: face-to-face quantitative surveys with individuals, professionals, and micro, small, and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs). Assessment of demographic and psychographic profiles, banking habits, interaction points used, satisfaction levels. The survey investigated the products / services that customers have and their interest in adopting new ones. The findings of the surveys assisted the bank in developing a five-year strategy.
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Bank Area Analysis

Area analysis to assess the commercial viability of a bank branch in Metn. Methodology: Desk Research, Ground Scanning, Traffic Flow Analysis, and In-depth interviews with area real estate brokers.Read more

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