Assessment of the Lebanon Our Story Intervention

SAT-7 is implementing an intervention called Lebanon, Our Story (LOS). The project extends from 2021 to 2023 and has an overall duration of 36 months. The project utilizes television and social media to implement on the ground and media components. The rationale of the project relies on the importance of narratives and media in shifting opinions. The project targets youth who are 15 to 25 year of age and who belong to various religious or belief groups including displaced Syrians, Palestinians, and Armenians. SAT 7 was interested in conducting a study to assess the extent to which the project is successfully pursuing its intended outcomes and objective. The assessment includes three components: 1) identifying the optimal messages to be utilized to target youth. This will be conducted by identifying their values, their priorities, cultural and societal barriers, and issues which might facilitate behavioral change 2) identify the number of viewers targeted through satellite. It will also identify the impact of the media components on youth and whether they identified with it and 3) baseline and an end-line impact evaluation. Its aim is to assess changes in youth’s knowledge, attitude, and behavior as a result of exposure to the various media components. In total, 1,271 Computer Assisted Telephone Interview and 20 focus group discussions were conducted with Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian youth.