Brand Image and Perception Studies

Perception Analysis Study

A large company specialized in lighting solutions was interested in investigating its market share. Specifically they wanted to assess the following:

• Positioning vis-a-vis the competition
• Brand perception
• Selection process utilized in deciding on suppliers of lighting systems
• Message to be communicated
• Strengths and weaknesses
• The target segments; unmet needs and room for optimization

The company functions through three channels: 1) Retail 2) Contracting of projects and 3) the distribution of electrical equipment and components to points of sale nationwide. However, for the purpose of the study they prioritized the channel which contracts projects. To achieve the above objectives, 75 in-depth interviews were conducted with contractors / developers, architects, and electrical engineers and consultants in Administrative Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

Outlet Relocation Assessment Study

A location for a retail specialty network was not performing as well as other outlets and was facing difficulties in gaining new clients. The client commissioned InfoPro to assess the reasons for the outlet’s lack of performance. The aim of the study was therefore to understand market demand conditions in the sector in the outlets catchment area. To achieve the objectives of the study, InfoPro conducted a consumer demand survey with 150 affluent individuals residing in the outlets’ catchment area. The consumer demand survey helped measure the key image variables that drive loyalty and regular visitation with regards to outlets. It also helped identify the perception of the outlet in comparison to its competitive universe and pinpoint advantages and disadvantages associated with the brand. The information obtained helped provide an overall understanding of the market in addition to individuals’ habits and selection process when it comes to shops. The survey helped identify the reasons why households in the catchment area were not visiting the outlet.

Market Perception of the Lebanese Red Cross

InfoPro was commissioned a study by the Lebanese Red Cross and its key partners (ICRC, the International Federation of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent and The Norwegian Red Cross). The client and its partners needed to understand the prevailing attitudes to NGOs and donation patterns to be able to devise a new fundraising strategy for the next five years. For a thorough assessment of opinions, the market survey evaluated both general public and private business perceptions to enable the Lebanese Red Cross to develop a comprehensive national plan. The surveys assessed awareness levels of NGOs in general and the Lebanese Red Cross specifically. Awareness drivers and communication channels were also examined. The surveys also aimed to investigate individual and corporate donation patterns, including sums donated and frequency, in addition to the barriers and drivers to donating. For the General Public Survey, InfoPro conducted 1,000 Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI) nationwide. The private business survey employed a combination of in‐depth interviews and face‐to‐face quantitative surveys of businesses for a better understanding of the motivating factors that compel businesses to donate. Twenty‐two in‐depth interviews were conducted with High Net Worth Individuals to explore the motivations that are critical to securing continuous and reliable funding to an NGO and 120 face‐to‐face corporate surveys were used to assess and measure behavior in a broader context.

Assessment of the 2014 Voter Registration Public Awareness Campaign

The Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (MOIM) is responsible for voter registration in Lebanon and the voter register database which is annually updated to include newly eligible voters and to remove those who are deceased or have become ineligible to vote. The MOIM with the support of UNDP LEAP launched a multi-media awareness campaign which informed citizens of their right to inspect the voter register database. UNDP LEAP wanted to assess the impact of the campaign on the general public and therefore commissioned InfoPro to identify the effectiveness of the campaign with regards to reachability and informing the public of their rights. The aim of the survey was to also learn from this exercise in order to better any future communication between the MOIM and the public. InfoPro conducted a survey with 1,200 voters in order to measure their awareness of the 2014 voter registration awareness campaign and its impact on their behavior.

NGO target Study

A large charity NGO was interested in assessing its brand image and positioning, in addition to understanding the prevailing attitudes of individuals towards NGOs in general and the client specifically. The client’s aim was for the study to assist them to improve their practices, direct/change their marketing/promotional strategy, and better understand how to attract more supporters which would eventually enable them to develop a comprehensive national plan. InfoPro conducted three nationwide telephone surveys in 2012, 2013, and 2014 with 2,500 individuals. The survey helped the client identify the following:

  • People’s knowledge of NGOs, preference, and commitment
  • Assess the level of awareness and commitment to the organization
  • The client’s media penetration
  • Knowledge and awareness of the organization
  • Frequency and sums donated to NGOs and the organization
  • Method of donation

Usage and Attitude Survey of Petrol Stations

An operator of gas stations wanted to strengthen their brand image and positioning. In order to do so they needed to be aware of client’s current position in the Lebanese market and the behavior of consumers with respect to petrol stations. The client commissioned InfoPro to conduct the study. In order to reach the objectives of the study, InfoPro a nationwide quantitative door-to-door household survey with 1,000 individuals. The survey helped identify individuals awareness level and perception of petrol stations in general and the client in specific, it also helped identify the market share of the various petrol stations, the process utilized by consumers in selecting a gas station to deal with, in addition to other pertinent issues needed to identify the client’s positioning. The survey not only provided a better understanding of the behavior of consumers with regards to petrol stations but also allowed InfoPro to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the client vs. its competition.