World Bank: Three Case Studies on Gender Workforce Diversity

The Mashreq Gender Facility (MGF) initiative – part of the World Bank Group – provides technical assistance to mashreq countries – specifically Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq. Its aim is to enhance women’s economic empowerment and opportunities. The MGF was interested in conducting three case studies from the private sector in Lebanon. These case studies will enable the World Bank Group to capture and communicate the business cases for investing in women’s employment. They will also open the doors for discussion with the Government of Lebanon and the National Commission of Lebanese Women (NCLW). The case studies focus on 1) Family Friendly Policies (FFPs) including: childcare, flexible work, maternity and paternity leave 2) Anti-Sexual Harassment and Safe Work Environment and 3) Women in Leadership Positions. The methodology entailed a mix of in-depth interviews with Director/ CEO, HR Manager/ Director, Finance Managers, Line Managers, Field Managers, Supervisors at the companies selected to take part. Focus group discussions were also conducted with female and male employees.