Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Market Overview of a food brand

A well-established brand in the Lebanese market had problems in the performance of one of its products in comparison to its competitors in the market. The client was interested in further investigating the detected problem, by acquiring market information regarding the assessment of the product likeability and positioning. The client commissioned InfoPro to conduct a market survey in order to investigate the issue at hand. InfoPro conducted a brand positioning assessment of the concerned brands in order to gain consumer feedback as compared to its main competitors. This was achieved by conducting a quantitative survey in the Greater Beirut area with 300 consumers 13 and 33 years of age. The study was able to provide insight on the consumption behavior of consumers and examine the consumers’ general awareness and perception of various related attributes which led the client to revise its marketing strategy to meet consumer needs.

Package Re-Design Study

A paper tissue manufacturer was in the process of redesigning the package of one of their sanitary napkins and required consumer feedback in order to select the most preferred design without jeopardizing their image or brand recognition. InfoPro’s mandate was to help the client select the most preferred package design to be adopted out of three new sample designs. The client was also interested in assessing the usage and attitude of respondents by identifying their sanitary napkins purchasing habits and preferences. InfoPro, to reach the objectives of the study, conducted a total of four focus groups with women from the Greater Beirut area. The focus groups specifically assessed the following:

  • Identify the participants’ most preferred existing sanitary napkins design
  • Gain insight on participants suggestions for improving the existing package designs
  • Identify the participants’ description of the ideal package design
  • Gain insight on participants’ first spontaneous reaction to the three package designs under study
  • Identify respondents’ likes and dislikes regarding the three package designs under study
  • Evaluate the message clarity of the three packages under study
  • Identify the weaknesses of the three packages under study, in terms of design and message

The result of the study allowed the client to identify the most optimal package design for their Private sanitary napkins

Market Overview and Taste Test

An international distributor wanted to introduce their a Halloumi cheese brand into the local market. They commissioned InfoPro to conduct a pre-launch taste test and a post-launch taste. The aim of the pre-launch taste test was to determine consumers’ selection process and consumption behavior towards halloumi cheese and eventually assist the client in selecting the halloumi cheese preparation to be launched under the brand. Six months post the launch of the brand a post-launch taste test evaluation was conducted by InfoPro with the aim to gain consumer feedback on the brand and its competitors. The survey delved into the following specifics:

  • Usage and attitude of consumers towards Halloumi cheese
  • Brand Image of the various brands in the market
  • Advertising recall and impact of the communication of the various Halloumi cheese brands
  • Conduct a comparative taste test
  • Assess consumer perceptions and preferences of Halloumi cheese


Market Study on the Soap and Detergents Market

The client had purchased a soap and detergent factory and was interested in assessing the overall size and trends of various types of soap and detergents in the market in addition to gauging consumers’ general awareness and usage of the various brands of soaps and detergents. To reach the objectives of the study, InfoPro recommended a two phase approach: 1) a consumer behavior survey and 2) a market overview entailing a supply/demand assessment. The consumer behavior survey was conducted with 600 households covering all major coastal cities. The survey was able to examine consumers’ general awareness and usage of different soaps and detergents related attributes and of the different brands available in the Lebanese market. It also assessed respondents’ satisfaction, perception, and purchasing habits of soaps and detergents. The market overview was conducted by interviewing distributors and local manufacturers of soaps and detergents, in addition to the purchase managers of major supermarket chains. These interviews assisted in providing information on the sector’s growth, trends, competitiveness, and demand. A SWOT analysis was also conducted highlighting the necessary changes or improvements to be made as well as the precautions to be taken in the client’s market expansion effort.  The various factions of the study helped the client formulate its future brand strategy and identify available market and expansion opportunities for the brand.