UNDP CEDRO: Industry Potential and Job Creation in Renewable Energy

InfoPro was commissioned the study by UNDP / CEDRO. The aim of the study was to examine the current status of renewable energy projects in Lebanon, the situation of the industrial sector with regards to the manufacturing, assembly, and import of renewable energy systems (RES), and the physical and economic feasibility of renewable energy systems that can be implemented locally. The methodology used included the review of all available documentation on renewable energy, nationally and internationally. This was followed by in-depth interviews with stakeholders involved in the renewable energy process. The meetings with the stakeholders helped to identify current projects in the pipeline, support available, and the potential for renewable energy in Lebanon. A mapping exercise was then carried out to identify players involved in the assembly, manufacturing, and import of renewable energy systems. InfoPro interviewed companies that import and usually also assemble RES, as well as RES manufacturers. The interviews assessed the supply and demand of renewable energy systems, the availability or lack of labor with know-how in renewable energy, and the available infrastructure among other issues. A review of all renewable energy systems and their economic feasibility was carried out followed by an assessment of the current situation versus requirements across all renewable energy facets.  Another round of meetings was scheduled with the various stakeholders to inform them of the renewable energy systems deemed feasible and the requirements identified. The stakeholders shared their current and potential capabilities in supplying the requirements. The final selection of renewable energy systems was made based on the feedback of all players.