Opinion Polling of the Parliamentary and Municipal Elections

InfoPro in 2009, 2013, and 2018 was commissioned to conduct opinion polling surveys for the parliamentary elections. The aim of the surveys was to assess the voting inclination and position of citizens prior to the parliamentary elections. InfoPro specifically delved into the following issues:

  • Voting intention of citizens and the reasons that might possibly change it
  • Primary candidates that they will vote for
  • Intention to vote for the candidate or the entire list
  • Political affiliation of citizens
  • Demographic profile of citizens

Each survey consisted of around 20,000 door-to-door household interviews across the electoral districts of Beirut, Baabda, Metn, Koura, Akkar, Dinnieh, Tripoli, West Bekaa, Zahle, Chouf and Saida. The sample was demographically representative of the age, gender, religious affiliation of the population in the districts under study. InfoPro, as part of its mandate, prepared a full-fledged with a forecast for each area / region assessed.