World Bank: Productivity and Investment Climate Assessment Survey

InfoPro was commissioned by the World Bank the two studies. The main objective of these two studies was to better understand conditions in the local investment climate and their effect on firm-level productivity for the private sector in specific. The goal of the studies was to advise the Lebanese government on ways to change policies that are hindering the growth of the private sector and develop new policies that support productivity growth.  The companies interviewed belonged to the sectors with the highest contribution towards the GDP. Interviews were conducted with the top management of companies. Results for ICA I were based on 453 in-depth face-to-face interviews with general managers or financial managers of companies while for ICA II they were based on 482 in-depth face-to-face interviews. The main sectors covered for this study were the following: Food and beverage, furniture, textile, trade, services, construction, and hotels. The studies delved into the following specifics:

  • Evaluation of productivity level of businesses
  • Assess investment climate constraints to the company
  • Identify investment in capacity, innovation and learning
  • Identify obstacles with respect to infrastructure and services
  • Evaluate relations between businesses and the government
  • Evaluate the labor status of businesses