Schools Mapping and Assessment

InfoPro conducted a study for the LORE Foundation to assess the education sector in Lebanon and to identify current gaps and opportunities. Through desk research, InfoPro mapped all existing reports available on the educational system in Lebanon and identified a general framework of Lebanon’s educational system and highlighted the weaknesses or gaps which require further investigation. InfoPro then interviewed 350 public, private, and private for free schools which are representative of the total number of schools. The interviews with schools yielded information on their student body such as the dropout levels, reasons for dropping out, and profile of drop-outs. The interviews also delved into the number of teachers available across cycles, whether they are sufficient for the school’s needs, their level of education and specializations, training that they have undertaken with the aim to understand any weaknesses that might be enhanced with the proper training. The interviews assessed the school infrastructure and equipment to assess their quality and whether there any improvements which need to be carried out. InfoPro identified and mapped all NGOs that tackle issues or have programs related to school dropouts. The interviews with NGOs concentrated on entities that provide assistance to youths of schooling age / eligible for education and those who are specialized in programs pertaining to school drop-outs. The interviews identified the obstacles faced by these individuals and whether drop-outs tend to seek assistance and in what form. It also provided a well-rounded picture of the educational sector and its requirements.