EU and LFA: Survey of the Lebanese Franchising Industry

The TRANSTEC/EQUINOCCIO consortium was contracted by the EU delegation in Lebanon to offer capacity building support to the Lebanese Franchising Association (LFA) and local franchising companies.  A primary component was to understand the current status of franchising in the country. InfoPro was commissioned to conduct a Survey of the Lebanese Franchising Industry with the aim to gather information on franchisors and local and international franchisees and estimate the contribution of franchising to the Lebanese economy. InfoPro compiled a list of companies across the different sectors, contacted a total of 1,200 companies to understand the prevalence of franchising and types of agreements within each sector. And finally, 200 companies were interviewed in greater detail to examine the franchising experience in Lebanon.  The sectoral assessment included gathering information on employment, revenue and profitability, international expansion, financial conditions and constraints, franchisor-franchisee relationships, and outlook for the future. The study also assessed the barriers hampering growth and development in order to develop informed decisions on strategies that can grow this sector.