World Bank: Teacher Observation Study

InfoPro was commissioned by the World Bank. The study is a part of the R4R program that focuses on identifying the obstacles that are delaying educational development and provide decision makers with quantitative data that can assist them in changing and developing new policies. The survey was conducted by InfoPro and the  Ministry of Education staff (DOPS). The aim of the teacher observation study was to identify classroom practices by assessing teacher training and teacher behavior to student perceptions across Grade 4 and 7 classrooms. InfoPro utilized an instrument developed by the World Bank called “CLASS.” CLASS is a system for observing and assessing the quality of interactions between teachers and students in classrooms. The observation and interviews with teachers were conducted in 120 schools covering the six Mohafazas of Lebanon. Of the 120 schools sampled, 26 schools were visited twice in order to assess both the first and second shift. The observation assessed Grade 4 and Grade 7 math, foreign language and Arabic teachers.  In total, 888 classroom observations were conducted and 707 teachers were assessed.