UNICEF: Third-Party Monitoring – Adolescent and Youth Program

InfoPro, under its Third Party Monitoring Program commissioned by UNICEF, is conducting an assessment of the Adolescent & Youth Program. The UNICEF youth and adolescents section intends to monitor the running programs and the work performance of UNICEF partners in community centers. InfoPro in coordination with UNICEF is conducting a total of 40 visits to assess the youth programs implemented by the following UNICEF partners: HOOPS, LOST, Safadi Foundation, ANERA, MASAR, MADA, Makased, Mouvement Social, RMF, LebRelief, Nabaa, and AVSI. InfoPro’s mandate is to evaluate the following during their visits:

  • Youth Basic Literacy and Numeracy (YBLN)
  • Life skills training
  • Youth Led Initiative
  • Awareness Raising Sessions
  • Agricultural Courses
  • Non-formal vocational or competency-based skills training
  • Innovation skills training
  • Mentorship
  • Sports for Development training (S4D)