UNICEF: Vulnerability Assessment of Syrian Refugees (VASYR)

InfoPro was commissioned the study by UNICEF. The aim of the study was to identify the main problems that women, men and children refugees are currently facing in Lebanon and the coping mechanisms that they are utilizing. The survey also delved into each of the refugees’ key priorities and how they are being met, whether they are receiving assistance, community perceptions and gaps in humanitarian assistance, their future plans among other objectives. In order to reach the survey objectives, InfoPro carried out a total of 32 focus groups with female and male Syrian refugees. To convey the actual reality of the refugees, InfoPro recruited participants residing in informal tented settlements and in host communities. The study provided an in-depth analysis of the following:

  • Main problems that Syrian refugees are currently facing
  • The coping mechanisms utilized by Syrian refugees
  • Social networks of assistance: type of assistance received and perceived usefulness
  • Key priorities and refugees means of meeting them
  • Sense of safety and security
  • Future plans
  • Issues with their residency permits and civil documentation
  • Key aspects of communication