Research Solutions

Customer Satisfaction research

InfoPro Research offers a wide range of customer satisfaction surveys to virtually any form of business. InfoPro Research helps companies to identify customers’ needs and expectations to enhance their competitive edge and strategies.


  • Evaluate client satisfaction across a set of attributes / criteria that are pertinent for brand / company / product / service continuity
  • Evaluate the product
    • Quality of the product
    • Length of life of the product
    • Design of the product
    • Consistency of quality
    • Range of products
  • Evaluate the staff
    • Courtesy of sales staff
    • Staff availability
    • Staff knowledge
    • Reliability of returning calls
    • Friendliness of the sales staff
    • Complaint resolution
    • Responsiveness to enquiries
    • After sales service
    • Technical service
  • Evaluate the company
  • Evaluate the website
  • Evaluate value for money
  • Identify reasons for satisfaction / dissatisfaction
  • Analyze the relationship between relevance and satisfaction
  • Assess criteria that drive positive vs. negative perception
  • Evaluate how client demographics, lifestyle, and psychographics impact satisfaction

Location Analysis

A location analysis study assists businesses in identifying the optimal location for their business / points of sales / branch / or outlet. It can also be used to optimize the location of the current network of businesses. This is done by relying on a multi-faceted methodology: 1) Usage and Attitude survey of the population residing in the catchment area under study 2) Competitor Analysis Assessment of the businesses in the catchment area under study and 3) Area Profiling Analysis.


  • Degree of awareness, satisfaction and overall evaluation of a product or service for which the study is being carried out
  • Main competitors in the catchment area under study
  • Potential for the product / service under study in the catchment area being assessed
  • Population concentration and profile
  • Overview of land use in the catchment area under study
  • Growth potential and large development projects
  • Movement and traffic in the area under study
  • Seasonal variation in population
  • Planned and upcoming development projects and organizations
  • Planned and upcoming residential, commercial, and retail real estate
  • Projected demand for available residential and commercial facilities
  • Future economic outlook

Mystery Shopper research

InfoPro Research’s team of trained mystery shoppers assume the role of consumers and observe the nature and quality of the services being offered. Typical clients are businesses with a retail branch network such as banks, supermarkets, customer service centers, call centers, fast food outlets, and other types of business. Mystery shopper research monitors staff performance and service standards, and provides detailed performance scores, ratings, and qualitative feedback to help organizations measure their actual performance.


  • Assess the outlet / point of sale
    • Items on display
    • Cleanliness
    • Tidiness
    • Atmosphere
    • Overall appearance
  • Staff assessment
    • Appearance and hygiene
    • Behavior and attitude
    • Customer care
    • Communication skills
    • Salesmanship and knowledge
  • Process assessment
    • Reliable
    • Efficient
    • Aligned to company standards
  • Overall Shopper experience

Opinion Polling

Assesses the opinion of the population on a wide range of topics including Parliamentary and municipal elections, citizen sentiment on political, social, and economic issues, as well as on a variety of consumer preferences


  • Measure the public’s knowledge of municipality’s and their activities
  • Measure the public’s satisfaction with the performance of the Municipality or Parliament
  • Measure the public’s diagnostic of problems and needs
  • Measure the public’s perception of their current municipality/deputies/political figures
  • Assess the opinion of the public concerning the current municipal /parliamentary electoral system
  • Determine citizens’ voting behavior
  • Assess the opinion of the public on a number of topics

Pre and Post-Advertising research

Allows advertisers to test their advertising concepts and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Through the use of interviews, both audio and visual samples can be easily presented to all respondents. Awareness and attributes are tested prior to and after an advertising campaign to assess the effectiveness of the messaging and the media plan


  • Evaluate the impact and receptiveness to a campaign
  • Assess whether the campaign transmits the intended message
  • To understand the emotional and functional benefits it delivers
  • Analyze the various features and the content of the campaign
  • Assess whether the campaign matches the company’s / product’s brand and values
  • Identify more effective options for a campaign

Product or Concept Testing

Evaluate consumer acceptance of a new product or concept prior to its market launch. Product-testing guarantees higher success rates, increased customer satisfaction, and greater achievement of time, quality, and cost objectives


  • Assess reaction to the product or concept
  • Assess product or concept attributes
  • Comparison of proposed alternatives to what is considered optimal
  • Likelihood of purchasing
  • Whether they would recommend the product concept to their family and friends
  • Price testing

Salary Scales

The InfoPro Salary Scale Study is a comprehensive survey, covers leading reference companies for each sector under study as well as across sectors.


  • Survey of active reference organizations in similar size and sectors
  • Data collected from a representative sample of employers per sub-sector
  • Covering all positions including management and technical
  • Positions are matched across job titles and description
  • Job matches for each job occupation
  • Range of remuneration for each job position (Min, Mid, Max)
  • Listing of applicable benefits and allowances

Sectoral Studies

Sectoral studies are utilized by businesses to help identify available opportunities across sectors. This is done by assessing the market size, main competitors, available products / services, current and upcoming trends, product pricing, future growth prospects, in addition to other dimensions which might be of interest to the client.


  • Supply overview
    • Size
    • Growth
    • Available brands
    • Players and their market shares
    • Pricing
  • Demand overview
    • Consumer profiling
    • Most demanded features/services/products
    • Estimated growth rates and trends
    • Current and expected trends
    • Key success factors

Usage and Attitude studies

Provide understanding of the marketplace, the competitive universe, and clients’ perceptions and habits


  • Measure brand or product awareness
  • Examine general perception
  • Gain insight on clients’ decision making process and consumption habits
  • Gain insight on purchasing habits
  • Measure loyalty to a specific brand or product
  • Measure satisfaction levels with specific brands and products