Qualitative Research

InfoPro’s qualitative research department provides in-depth consumer insight using the following research techniques:

  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Ethnographies
  • Shop alongs
  • Home visits

The topics we cover include social and economic issues, product testing, concept testing, taste testing, pre and post advertising assessment, and branding.


The recruitment process is carried by full-time staff members. We utilize our internal databases – which have the demographic information of 75,000 contacts – to recruit individuals to take part in our focus groups. InfoPro, depending on the profile required for the focus groups, will filter out matching individuals and carry-out the screening process accordingly. Such a huge database ensures that no recurrent individuals are recruited for our focus groups and therefore eliminates any potential biases resulting from individuals becoming too familiar with the focus group set-up.

Team of Qualitative Experts

Our qualitative team consists of expert moderators, senior interviewers, and assistant moderators.  Most team members are trilingual and have a minimum of ten years of experience. Our moderators utilize visual and physical aides and techniques to uncover underlying consumer motivation, beliefs, attitudes, and opinions on virtually any topic. Our moderators and assistant moderators also have extensive experience in dealing with respondents from different cultures and backgrounds. This ensures a smooth process and flow of communication between the moderator and respondents.