Research Design

The InfoPro team starts the research design process by drafting the final outline of our deliverables – whether a presentation or an analytical report. This helps ensure that we have a complete vision of our mandate at the onset of the project and that we are tackling all issues relevant to the overall objectives of the program.

Database Design

InfoPro teams are adept at utilizing different kinds of statistical software.  Our technical team will handle the design and development of all databases. The databases will be tested using simulations and mock data.

Data Collection

We can ensure the rapid mobilization of our teams and a quick project turnaround thanks to:

  • The presence of our team all over Lebanon
  • Having databases which contain the contact and demographic information of more than 75,000 individuals nationwide
  • Having corporate databases which contain the coordinates and profile of approximately 12,000 MSME’s and corporate entities nationwide

Quality Control

We contact all individuals surveyed at the start of any project to assess the credibility of the information provided. We then minimize the call backs to 50 percent of all interviews for the remaining duration of the study. The quality control department employs a team of full-time quality control supervisors and research assistants. Activities carried-out include the following:

  • Training part-time quality control staff
  • Supervising the editing, back-checking, coding, and data entry teams
  • Controlling for logical errors through the quality control process detailed below:
  • Editing: consists of screening for logical errors in the completed questionnaires.
  • Back Checking: consists of contacting the interviewee to double check certain pivotal information in the completed questionnaires.