Customer Satisfaction research

InfoPro Research offers a wide range of customer satisfaction surveys to virtually any form of business. InfoPro Research helps companies to identify customers’ needs and expectations to enhance their competitive edge and strategies.


  • Evaluate client satisfaction across a set of attributes / criteria that are pertinent for brand /company / product / service continuity
  • Evaluate the product
    • Quality of the product
    • Length of life of the product
    • Design of the product
    • Consistency of quality
    • Range of products
  • Evaluate the staff
    • Courtesy of sales staff
    • Staff availability
    • Staff knowledge
    • Reliability of returning calls
    • Friendliness of the sales staff
    • Complaint resolution
    • Responsiveness to inquiries
    • After sales service
    • Technical service
  • Evaluate the company
  • Evaluate the website
  • Evaluate value for money
  • Identify reasons for satisfaction / dissatisfaction
  • Analyze the relationship between relevance and satisfaction
  • Assess criteria that drive positive vs. negative perception
  • Evaluate how client demographics, lifestyle, and psychographics impact satisfaction