Location Analysis

A location analysis study assists businesses in identifying the optimal location for their business / points of sales / branch / or outlet. It can also be used to optimize the location of the current network of businesses. This is done by relying on a multi-faceted methodology: 1) Usage and Attitude survey of the population residing in the catchment area under study 2) Competitor Analysis Assessment of the businesses in the catchment area under study and 3) Area Profiling Analysis.


  • Degree of awareness, satisfaction and overall evaluation of a product or service for which the study is being carried out
  • Main competitors in the catchment area under study
  • Potential for the product / service under study in the catchment area being assessed
  • Population concentration and profile
  • Overview of land use in the catchment area under study
  • Growth potential and large development projects
  • Movement and traffic in the area under study
  • Seasonal variation in population
  • Planned and upcoming development projects and organizations
  • Planned and upcoming residential, commercial, and retail real estate
  • Projected demand for available residential and commercial facilities
  • Future economic outlook