Mystery Shopper research

InfoPro Research’s team of trained mystery shoppers assume the role of consumers and observe the nature and quality of the services being offered. Typical clients are businesses with a retail branch network such as banks, supermarkets, customer service centers, call centers, fast food outlets, and other types of business. Mystery shopper research monitors staff performance and service standards, and provides detailed performance scores, ratings, and qualitative feedback to help organizations measure their actual performance.


  • Assess the outlet / point of sale
    • Items on display
    • Cleanliness
    • Tidiness
    • Atmosphere
    • Overall appearance
  • Staff assessment
    • Appearance and hygiene
    • Behavior and attitude
    • Customer care
    • Communication skills
    • Salesmanship and knowledge
  • Process assessment
    • Reliable
    • Efficient
    • Aligned to company standards
    • Overall Shopper experience