Chemonics: Baseline Surveys for Several Value Chains Under the Agriculture and Rural Empowerment (ARE) Activity

The Lebanon Agriculture and Rural Empowerment (ARE) Activity implemented by Chemonics aims to equip the agribusiness sector and rural communities with the technical and financial resources to generate increased productivity, sales, and exports, improving producer income. ARE will do so by providing incentives to value chain stakeholders in prioritized value chains and sub-sectors. InfoPro was commissioned to monitor ARE’s activities in order to identify the success of its program and to inform future activities. The sectors assessed included 1) the dairy value chain 2) Fresh and Processed Vegetables value chain 3) Herbs value chain 4) Grapes, Stone Fruits, and Citrus and 5) Potatoes, Alliums, and Fodder. In total, 1,000 farmers and 150 interviews with retailers, wholesalers, cooperatives, MSMEs were conducted. The farmer and firm surveys acted as monitoring tools to help measure impact at the VC level and serve as references that guide the overall analysis of the activity’s baseline and end-line reporting.