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OXFAM: Analyzing voter behavior in times of crises

A research study for Oxfam Lebanon focused on analyzing voter behavior in the current context and climate that Lebanon is going through in four electoral districts. The research helped understand the reasons for voter inclination and revealed factors necessary to create political change in a complex and deteriorating context. Methodology: A quantitative CATI survey with a large sample.Read more

NDI: Citizens Attitude Toward Socio-Economic and Political Developments

The National Democratic Institute (NDI) commissioned InfoPro to conduct a nationwide public opinion survey and a series of focus groups to capture Lebanese citizens’ perceptions, expectations, and attitudes towards the current political and economic situation. Methodology: 10 focus groups and a quantitative survey with 2,400 individuals.

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Opinion Polling of the Parliamentary and Municipal Elections

Since 2009 a large number of opinion polls were commissioned to gauge voter intentions in parliamentary and municipal elections in a large number of districts. The polls assessed voting inclination and position of citizens prior to the elections. Issues analyzed included: Voting intention, Candidates of choice, and Political affiliation. Methodology: Up to 20,000 household interviews across electoral districts.
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IRI: Lebanon Polls Study

The International Republican Institute (IRI) was interested in obtaining public opinion data by conducting a multi-wave survey. The surveys assess public perceptions of government institutions, political parties, policy priorities, political participation, and political reform. Methodology: Nationwide CATI.

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Opinion Polling Surveys – Monthly Tracking

A monthly tracking of the standing of a political party. Methodology: Monthly CATI survey of 3,000 citizens. The interviews tracked Satisfaction with various political figures and parties, Security, Economy, Foreign relations, Communication, Strengths and weaknesses of various political figures.
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