Category: Manufacturing

Impact of the Ban of Turkish Wafers

A study for the Association of Food Importers to determine whether certain Turkish products were being sold at dumping prices in the local market. The government had banned the import of wafer and biscuits and detergents from Turkey. This was done in a bid to protect Lebanese industries from the devaluation of the Turkish lira which has caused these products in specific to become very cheap. Methodology: Desk research, in-depth interviews with manufacturers and importers, interviews with large supermarkets, and field visits to retail shops in Lebanon and in Turkey.
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CHF: Workforce Gap Analysis

A survey to assess the labor market in general and across a select number of sub-sectors was commissioned by CHF Lebanon. Supply and demand of skills, job availability and labor supply were assessed, and mismatches identified. The study also assessed the challenges that youths are facing in gaining employment and how to prepare them for the labor market. SWOT analysis of all sub-sectors under study and proposal for a medium to long term course of action to be followed. Methodology: Desk research, focus groups with youths, a survey with a representative sample of private sector companies, in-depth interviews with recruitment agencies, technical and vocational institutes, and economic experts.
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Market Overview of a food brand

Study reasons for underperformance of a well-established food brand. Investigating the detected problem, by acquiring market information regarding the assessment of the product likeability and positioning. A brand positioning assessment was conducted to gain consumer feedback. Methodology: Survey with 300 consumers.
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Package Re-Design Study

Assist a paper tissue manufacturer to select the most preferred package design. Assess the usage and attitude of consumers of sanitary napkins. Methodology: Several focus groups.
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Market Overview and Taste Test

Pre- and Post-launch of a new Halloumi cheese brand into the local market. Methodology: Taste test with consumers and identification of usage and attitude of consumers, Brand Image, Advertising recall.

Market Study on the Soap and Detergents Market

Assessing the size and trends of various types of soap and detergents in the market in addition to gauging consumers’ general awareness and usage of the various brands. Methodology: A consumer behavior survey with a nationwide household survey and a market overview entailing a supply/demand assessment by interviewing distributors, local manufacturers and purchase managers of major supermarket chains.

CNRS: Survey on Innovation in the Industrial and ICT Sectors

A study to assess innovation in the Lebanese industrial sector and the ICT sector commissioned by The National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS) in collaboration with the World Bank. The objective was to revitalize these sectors by assessing innovative measures being carried out. Methodology: Enterprise survey.Read more

Italian Trade Commission: Market Assessment of the Agri-Food Sector in Lebanon and Cyprus

A study for the Italian Trade Commission to formulate a general overview of the agri-food (food and beverage) sector including major players and their distribution system. Identify opportunities for further growth and highlight the position of Italian food products in the Lebanese and Cypriot markets. Methodology: Desk research and in-depth interviews with experts and local companies in both countries. A total 50 in-depth interviews with stakeholders in the agri-food sector, importers of foodstuff, and supermarkets in both Lebanon and Cyprus. The interviews helped identify the main Italian products on the market, their strengths and weaknesses, and suggestions to improve their positioning. The interviews with large supermarket chains also captured consumers’ eating habits and trends in the agri-food sector.
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