Category: Customer Satisfaction

Market Overview of a food brand

Study reasons for underperformance of a well-established food brand. Investigating the detected problem, by acquiring market information regarding the assessment of the product likeability and positioning. A brand positioning assessment was conducted to gain consumer feedback. Methodology: Survey with 300 consumers.
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Market Overview and Taste Test

Pre- and Post-launch of a new Halloumi cheese brand into the local market. Methodology: Taste test with consumers and identification of usage and attitude of consumers, Brand Image, Advertising recall.

Market Study on the Soap and Detergents Market

Assessing the size and trends of various types of soap and detergents in the market in addition to gauging consumers’ general awareness and usage of the various brands. Methodology: A consumer behavior survey with a nationwide household survey and a market overview entailing a supply/demand assessment by interviewing distributors, local manufacturers and purchase managers of major supermarket chains.

Usage and Attitude Survey of Petrol Stations

Brand image and positioning study for a network of gas stations. Understand current market position and the consumer behavior. Methodology: large sample household survey. The survey helped identify awareness level and perception of petrol stations in general and the client in specific. It estimated the market share of the various petrol stations, the process utilized by consumers in selecting a gas station to deal with, and other pertinent issues.
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Brand Traker

A syndicated four waves per year survey monitoring the performance of banks on Brand Usage and Attitude, Advertising campaign and slogan recall and impact, Brand image and perception, Client satisfaction, Loyalty, and switching intention.
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A syndicated yearly retail-banking study and database. A nationwide sample of 5,000 households to banks identify their regional strengths and weaknesses in comparison to the competition, assess the performance of their products and services, identify product development potential, the strength of their communication and how there are perceived by the general population. BankTrak also helps clients assess their brand health and specific issues to improve.
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Satisfaction Survey of Beneficiaries of the Institut des Finances Basil Fuleihan (IoF)

A study for IoF under the Transparency and Accountability Grant (AMIDEAST). Assess the effectiveness of IoF activities and its services including trainings, publications, and library services. Methodology: 1,500 CATI interviews and 21 in-depth interviews.
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Citizen Satisfaction Survey at the Ministry of Finance

A study for The Ministry of Finance (MoF) to assess the satisfaction of the public towards their dealings with the various ministry departments and bureaus. Assessments of services provided by employees, infrastructure, websites.

Methodology: In-depth interviews with all department heads of the Ministry of Finance and face-to-face interviews with citizens who have dealt with the MoF.

This phase would allow InfoPro to structure the survey for the second phase – the citizen satisfaction survey. For the citizen satisfaction survey, InfoPro interviewed a sample of 2,000 individuals who have dealt with the Ministry of Finance on a prior occasion. The interviews delved into the services that they usually utilize, problems / obstacles that they have faced, suggested improvements, in addition to other pertinent issues. The Ministry was then provided with short and long term recommendations that would enhance their services.
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Customer Satisfaction Survey for a Medium Sized Bank

The study evaluated clients’ satisfaction with the bank’s products / services, quality of service, and employees. The study also assessed the satisfaction of clientele dealing with competitive banks. The study findings helped establish a comparative customer satisfaction assessment of the
bank under study and its competition. Methodology: a combination of face-to-face and Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI).

Customer Satisfaction Survey for a Large Insurance Group

A large insurance group was interested in carrying-out a customer satisfaction survey in order to assess the satisfaction of their clientele with the services that they are providing. The study measured clients’ satisfaction based on several evaluation criteria such as: Performance, service, credibility, and reliability. The measure of loyalty and switching intentions were also incorporated in the study design. Methodology: Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI) with the group’s clientele.