UNICEF: Haddi Integrated Child Grant Program

UNICEF commissioned InfoPro to collect data for the baseline survey for the impact evaluation of “Haddi” (Next to me) the Integrated Child Grant Programme. Haddi is a child grant programme acting as a “cash plus” component complementing pre-existing services. It aims to support the most vulnerable women and children with a monthly unconditional integrated child grant. It also provides targeted children and household members with UNICEF’s multi-sectoral referral mechanism, household visits, and caseworker follow-up. The overall purpose of the evaluation was to measure how and to what extent the child grant increases households’ purchasing power for children, reduces negative coping strategies, and facilitates access to services, in an inclusive manner. To meet the study objectives, 1,705 Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews were conducted with two distinct samples, a recipient and a non-recipient sample.