Bank Brand Image and Perception Study

A bank was interested in conducting a study to assess individuals’ awareness of their brand. InfoPro tapped into several components in carrying out its assessment; awareness of its Brand, perception of the Brand vs. other commercial banks, and the banks that individuals are currently dealing with. The study utilized a qualitative and quantitative approach. The qualitative approach entailed focus group sessions with individuals who have respondents who have incomes ranging from $1,500 to $3,000 and individuals with an income of $3,000 and above.  The aim of the focus groups was to help identify individuals’ perception of the bank, compare the bank’s overall image across criteria set by the bank’s management, evaluate the logo and colors of the bank, and assess a specific advertisement campaign for the bank. InfoPro also relied on the focus groups to formulate the questionnaire for the quantitative segment of the study and to shed light on whether certain issues need to be accentuated or removed.  The CATI interviews were conducted with 500 bankerized individuals in the greater Beirut area and they helped identify individuals’ awareness of the bank vs. the competition, their market share, awareness of their advertising campaigns among other pertinent issues. The bank was able to rely on both phases to assess their brand image and formulate their future communication strategy.