NDI: Citizens Attitude Toward Socio-Economic and Political Developments

The National Democratic Institute (NDI) commissioned InfoPro to conduct a nationwide public opinion survey and a series of focus groups to capture Lebanese citizens’ perceptions, expectations, and attitudes towards the current political and economic situation. Specifically the following information was assessed:

• General perspectives and aspirations for the future and what systems of government will provide services, fight corruption and reinforce political and social cohesion

• Beliefs and attitudes to a changing political scene and the potential position of political parties

• COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on policy priorities

• Perceptions of the protest movement and its effect on the political environment

• Attitudes and awareness of the protest movement towards government figures, parties, and coalitions

• The role of young people and women in the present situation and their degree of commitment and involvement in the political and civic life of Lebanon.

In total, 2,400 surveys were conducted with individuals nationwide. The sample size was boosted for the smaller Mohafaza/District. This was followed by ten focus groups which were segmented across gender and age.