USAID and Palladium: Final Performance Evaluation of the LIFE Project

The Livelihood and Inclusive Financial Expansion (LIFE) project extended over a five-year duration (2016 – 2021). Its objective was to economically empower the unbanked, low-income, and underserved micro clientele by enhancing their business skills and providing them with access to financial services. However, with the on-set of the financial crisis in 2019, LIFE shifted its focus to livelihood assistance. Since the project was coming to an end, USAID through its monitoring arm Social Impact was interested in conducting a final performance evaluation of the project. To meet the objectives of the study, a qualitative approach was utilized. In total, 20 focus groups were conducted with project beneficiaries.  Independent of the qualitative component, InfoPro’s mandate also included providing USAID / Social Impact with an analytical report on the financial needs of microenterprises and alternative ways of local micro-financing.