UNDP: Survey on Municipal Police Perception

UNDP Lebanon, through its community security and access to justice project, is supporting the professionalization of municipal police as well as improving service delivery by ISF police stations across 23 municipalities: Majdel Anjar, Baalback, Halba, Batroun, Bourj Hammoud, Saida, as well as 17 municipalities of Iklim El Kharoub Union of municipalities. In order to assess the impact of the project and to better understand the needs of host communities and Syrian refugees in the 23 pilot and two non-pilot municipalities, UNDP in 2018 commissioned InfoPro to conduct a perception survey composed of three phases (baseline survey, intermediary survey and end-line survey). Each phase is composed of a sample of 2,900 Lebanese citizens and Syrian refugees. The study will specifically delve into the following:

  • Attitude towards overall quality of life
  • Attitude towards the local government
  • Better understand issues pertaining to fear of crime, victimization, and security
  • Attitude towards the Internal Security Forces and the Army
  • Better understand how participants contact local security (reactive and proactive contact)
  • Attitudes towards rules of law and cooperation with the Police