Opinion Polling Surveys – Monthly Tracking

A political party was interested in monitoring important political events and evaluating specific incidents on a monthly basis. In order to reach the objectives of the study, InfoPro recommended that a monthly quantitative survey consisting of 3,000 Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews be conducted. The interviews delved into the following objectives:

  • Satisfaction with various political figures and parties
  • Satisfaction with various political figures and parties across the listed issues:
  • Security
  • Economy
  • Handling external affairs
  • Communication with various political parties
  • Communication with the public
  • Level of trust with respect to security and economy
  • Segmentation of results across various demographics (age, gender, religion. Mohafaza etc.)
  • Strengths and weaknesses of various political figures
  • Strategies to be undertaken to tackle highlighted issues across the demographics listed above

The results of the surveys were utilized to assist the political party in assessing its communication with the public over time and to develop its strategy across various target audiences.