Salary Scale for local NGO

One of the largest NGOs in the country was interested in evaluating its salary scale for a set number of job positions. The client commissioned InfoPro to conduct its salary scale survey. InfoPro, after extensive deliberations with the client, decided on the sectors which can be considered to be competition and which need to take part in the study. InfoPro then sent the job positions and job descriptions to comparators similar in profile to the client. Companies with a low number of matches were eliminated and in-depth interviews were conducted with the rest. During the in-depth interviews, InfoPro assessed the profile of the companies considered to be comparators and the salaries that they provide. InfoPro also investigated the company benefits and allowances provided including educational allowance, transportation allowance, housing allowance, meals, medical insurance, profit sharing schemes among other pertinent benefits. Working conditions and discrepancies in providing benefits and allowances across skill set and education were also assessed. Eventually InfoPro formulated a salary scale for the clienthighlighting its salary scale vs. the competition. The salary scale will allow client to re-assess its internal salary sale and take action accordingly.