ILO: Simplified Economic Assessment Study in Saida

The Employment Intensive Infrastructure Project (EIIP) is a program launched by the ILO and funded by the German Development Bank (KfW) to support the Government of Lebanon in the wake of severe economic and political crises. It was designed to support job creation in targeted municipalities in Lebanon.  The EIIP focuses on creating short- to mid-term employment opportunities for host community members (Lebanese) and displaced refugees (mainly Syrians) through infrastructure projects that will stimulate economic investments thus producing employment during and after the completion of projects. The ILO under the EIIP program funded the revitalization of the Abul Abed coffee shop strip in old Saida. InfoPro was commissioned to conduct a Simplified ex-ante Economic Assessments (SEA) that aims at assessing the feasibility of the Project at the micro, meso, and macro levels.  A SWOT analysis, a financial plan, and considerations of the sustainability of the investment were also conducted. Primary and Secondary research were utilized to achieve the objectives of the study.