UNICEF: Third Party Monitoring Service – Syrian refugees

Thousands of Syrians have fled from their homeland to neighboring countries. So far the displaced are divided between Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey. Lebanon is currently hosting the largest number of Syrian refugees. UNICEF is currently providing support through Programme Cooperation Agreements (PCA’s) with more than 50 organizations. However, such a large number of refugees presents a challenge to agencies providing emergency response especially since they are spread across Lebanon’s six Mohfazas. InfoPro was commissioned by UNICEF to be its Third Party Monitor. The mandate entailed that InfoPro assess whether UNICEF’s partners are following the proper methods in handling the Syrian refugee crisis, whether they are following the exact scope of work provided by UNICEF, and eventually evaluating whether the resources allocated to the refugees are actually reaching them. InfoPro audited approximately 50 UNICEF partners / non-governmental organizations and simultaneously carried-out more than 4,000 site visits nationwide.