Advertisement Tracker Study

A local bank was interested in carrying-out a pre and post advertisement  study in order to assess its marketing and communication efforts by relying on a set of pre-set criteria. Each wave was supposed to provide the bank with their brand awareness and perception benchmarked vis-à-vis their competitors, in addition to tracking their level of progress on a quarterly basis. The bank was also interested in assessing the advertisements released by banks during the same period. InfoPro’ therefore tapped into several components in carrying out its assessment; 1) individuals awareness and perception of the various banks in Lebanon 2) a detailed assessment of the bank’s advertisements vs. the competition 3) slogan recall of the top banks in Lebanon and a 4) demographic section. The study covered the areas surrounding branches and specifically those located in Administrative Beirut and Mount Lebanon. InfoPro interviewed 500 bankerized individuals through Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews to reach the objectives of the study