Assessment of a Chocolate Coffee Shop Concept

The client was interested in opening a new high end chocolate coffee shop in the Ashrafieh area. The outlet was to import high-end chocolate and also to offer drinks such as coffee / tea with chocolate pastries and biscuits. The client was interested in conducting a study to gauge the feasibility of the concept by assessing the following specifics:

  • Assess the competition in the area under study and their offerings
  • Assess the client profile of the competition
  • Assess the types of chocolate most in demand and any upcoming trends
  • Assess customers habits when it comes to high end chocolate / coffee shops

In order to achieve the above objectives, InfoPro, at first, mapped all retailers in the Ashrafieh area and gathered key information from those considered to be potential competitors. InfoPro then compiled a list of the chocolate brands / outlets which are considered to be high-end and set up in-depth interviews with some of the most prominent ones. The in-depth interviews provided information on their offerings, products that are most in demand, the habits and profile of their clientele among other prominent factors. InfoPro also conducted focus groups with high-income individuals. The focus groups provided insights on client habits and preferences with regards to high end chocolate. They also provided information on client’s reasoning and decision making process when it comes to purchasing high-end chocolate. In total, InfoPro interviewed 10 high-end chocolate retailers and conducted three focus groups with high-income individuals in the Ashrafieh area.