UNICEF: Assessment of E-Course on Child Protection

In an effort to better address issues of violence, exploitation, and abuse among children, UNICEF Lebanon and the Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA) have developed an ‘E-Course on Child Protection Case Management’ designed to strengthen the professional capacity of social workers and case managers in Lebanon. The E-course is a basic training offering a solid foundation in child rights and child protection guidelines. It takes into account the needs of social workers and front-liners in Lebanon who come from different backgrounds and have varying experiences and operate in a multitude of subcultural context. InfoPro was commissioned by UNICEF to conduct four focus group discussions with a sample of participants who have completed the E-course, in order to evaluate its content and structure from the perspective of end users. InfoPro also assessed the experience of end-users with online learning, knowledge gained by end-users, obstacles and challenges faced, and ways of improving and optimizing the effectiveness of the E-course.