UNICEF: Assessment of the National Youth Tracer Program

UNICEF LCO Adolescent & Youth program targeted the poorest Lebanese and non-Lebanese youth and adolescents aged 15 years and above. The aim of the program was to provide them with access to learning opportunities and training that would help develop their knowledge and skills.  The program worked on building the skills of approximately 27,000 adolescents and youth with the aim to shorten their transition period from schools to the job market. To evaluate the medium-term impact of the skills training program, UNICEF commissioned InfoPro to conduct the analysis of a quantitative survey that it had undertaken with a pool of youth graduates who had completed their skills training programs and to conducted a qualitative segment that will provide further insights as to the benefits of the program. The mandate entailed that InfoPro analyze the quantitative data previously collected by UNICEF by preparing a detailed analysis plan, cleaning and processing of the data, submitting the tabulated data to UNICEF, along with all syntax/scripts prepared by the InfoPro team. Once all data was reviewed by the UNICEF team, additional data collection through focus groups was undertaken – in total InfoPro conducted ten focus groups. This allowed UNICEF to validate and gain an in-depth understanding of the results of the quantitative survey.