UNDP: Assessment of Voter Registration Public Awareness Campaign

The Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (MOIM) is responsible for voter registration in Lebanon and the voter register database which is annually updated to include newly eligible voters and to remove those who are deceased or have become ineligible to vote. The MOIM with the support of UNDP LEAP launched a multi-media awareness campaign which informed citizens of their right to inspect the voter register database. UNDP LEAP wanted to assess the impact of the campaign on the general public and therefore commissioned InfoPro to identify the effectiveness of the campaign with regards to reachability and informing the public of their rights. The aim of the survey was to also learn from this exercise in order to better any future communication between the MOIM and the public. InfoPro conducted a survey with 1,200 voters in order to measure their awareness of the 2014 voter registration awareness campaign and its impact on their behavior.