Since 1997, InfoPro has studied retail-banking clients by conducting Bank Trak, a nationwide annual consumer survey. BankTrak is based on a nationwide sample of 5,000 households and helps banks identify their regional strengths and weaknesses in comparison to the competition, assess the performance of their products and services, identify product development potential, the strength of their communication and how there are perceived by the general population. BankTrak also helps clients assess their brand health and specific issues which they might need to improve.  Below are some of the information assessed:

  • Identify the penetration level in the retail banking sector in Lebanon
  • Identify the Market share of banks in Lebanon
  • Assess the awareness, usage, attitudes, of bank clients
  • Determine the needs and perceptions of bank clients
  • Assess the advertising impact and efficiency of banks in Lebanon
  • Evaluate the general degree of satisfaction of bank clients
  • Determine the clients’ profiles

The BankTrak software also allows customization and data-mining regionally, per sub-social group, and per product or service category.