Brand Traker

An InfoPro syndicated product which consists of four waves per year.  Each wave entails nationwide interviews with 1,000 Lebanese residents aged between 18 and 64. BrandTraker monitors the performance of banks on the following aspects:

  • Brand Usage and Attitude
  • Advertising campaign and slogan recall and impact
  • Brand image and perception
  • Client satisfaction, Loyalty, and switching intention
  • Exclusive questions specified by clients

BrandTraker also demonstrates the individualized progress of leading banks by utilizing the InfoPro Brand Index (IBI). Seven variables of bank performance are tracked over time. These variables are:

  1. Top of Mind Awareness = First Bank that comes to mind
  2. Spontaneous Recall = All other banks that come to mind
  3. Advertising Recall = Recall of advertising by bank
  4. Usage/Market Share = Bank(s) deal with
  5. Satisfaction = Level of satisfaction with banking relationship(s)
  6. Reputation = Evaluate reputation of banks known to you
  7. Loyalty = Do not intend or am unlikely to leave bank

Each BrandTraker report includes a comparative assessment with previous waves carried out. The comparative assessment allows banks to assess fluctuations in the receptiveness of their various communication strategies, reputation, client satisfaction, loyalty among other issues.