Concept Test and Competition Analysis of a real estate mixed project

A real estate investment company was interested in developing a four-season mountain resort featuring international ski slopes and a golf course among other recreational and sports activities, as well as several hotels. They commissioned InfoPro to conduct a real estate supply and demand analysis in order to assess the real estate mix of the types of residential units and a projection of their respective absorption rates. The aim of the analysis was to assist the master planners in the assessment of the unit mix ratio and ultimately in the design phasing of the different units. InfoPro’s mandate also entailed identifying the demand drivers for the various types of complementary businesses most likely to be located in the resort, the retail categories that they belong to, and their incentive requirements and potential size of operation in order to forecast the retail mix allocation in the project master plan. The study entailed a desk research exercise, in-depth interviews with government ministries, tour operators located in Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, and Lebanon, hotel / resort directors and managers, prominent retailers, and restaurant owners. The aim of the desk research exercise was to collect detailed information on the demographic and vacationing habits of potential customers in Lebanon and the region, as well as an overview of the existing and upcoming competing projects / resorts. The in-depth interviews with tour operators and hotel / resort managers and directors provided insights into the appeal of Lebanon as a vacationing destination vis-à-vis other countries in the region and Europe. This component of the study also provided information on the vacationing habits of Arabs, their vacationing demand drivers and requirements, and budget allocation by destination. It also provided a detailed assessment of the major ski resorts in Lebanon which would be the direct competitors of the resort. The in-depth interviews with retailers and restaurants assessed their interest in being a part of the resort and their preferences with regards to the available, retail mix, amenities / services, rental rates among other pertinent issues. The in-depth interviews with the tour operators and hotel / resort directors and managers also allowed InfoPro to test the resort concept as a whole. InfoPro jointly with its urban planner was able to provide the client with recommendations for timing, phasing, and expansion or useful additions to real estate and land developments in the project.