Tripoli Special Economic Zone: The Knowledge and Innovation City Demand Forecast

The Tripoli Special Economic Zone (TSEZ) is in proximity to the India-Middle East-Western Europe (IMEWE) submarine cable system which will ensure that the area has maximum connectivity and bandwidth. The Board of the TSEZ felt that this would appeal to local and regional service, high tech, and creative sectors and as a result decided to develop a Knowledge and Innovation City (KIC) using a 100,000 square meter plot from the Rashid Karame International Fair (RKF). The KIC would be rented out as turn-key office space with substantial financial, administrative, and fiscal incentives to companies. To assess the feasibility of the concept, the TSEZ board commissioned the study to InfoPro in 2016. In order to reach the client objectives, InfoPro utilized a multi-faceted methodology incorporating three phases; Phase 1: Mapping of Potential Sub-Sectors, Phase 2: Concept Testing and Demand Analysis, Phase 3: Demand Forecast. The three phases relied on desk research for the mapping of the sub-sectors that will take part in the study. Once the sectors were mapped and a list of target companies were compiled, InfoPro carried-out in-depth interviews with the companies identified in order to assess their receptiveness towards the concept and their requirements of the KIC in terms of spacing, amenities, services, prices among other criteria. The quantitative data collected from the in-depth interviews was then utilized to prepare the demand forecast.