World Bank and GDS: Construction Value Chain

InfoPro was commissioned a study by the World Bank Group and Global Development Solutions (GDS). The aim of the survey was to conduct value chain analysis of the Lebanese construction sector, specifically, Lebanon’s residential building materials inputs sector.  InfoPro / GDS’s mandate was to assess the readiness of the sector to take advantage of the future reconstruction in Syria and determine employment creation opportunities. InfoPro /GDS simultaneously conducted an access to finance survey among micro, small and medium enterprises in lagging regions.  The study was conducted by collecting background research and figures on the construction sector. This was followed by identifying all stakeholders and entities that would need to be interviewed to create a value chain map. InfoPro and its partner – GDS – worked closely in order to identify the most representative entities/companies in the value chain. In total, 32 key players in the construction sector were interviewed for Phase 1 and 250 enterprises for Phase 2.