UNICEF: Data Analysis for VASYR and VARON

InfoPro was commissioned by UNICEF to conduct the analysis for VASYR 2019 and VARON 2019. UNICEF provided InfoPro with the research tools, analysis plan, and the data for both VASYR and VARON. InfoPro, as a first step, assessed the research tools and the analysis in order to become familiar with the definitions of the various indicators. The InfoPro team then created the syntaxes for the various sections and processed the data by carrying-out calculations for each indicator using the analysis plan as a guide. Various data outputs were produced in order to fulfill the objectives of the study. Once the indicators were processed, InfoPro commenced with the implementation of the Quality Assurance Process and data cleaning. After cleaning the data, InfoPro re-processed the data by utilizing the SPSS syntaxes created earlier and submitted the tabulated data to UNICEF. The SPSS syntaxes / scripts were also shared with the UNICEF team.