USAID and Social Impact: Evaluation of Lebanon Industrial Value Chain

The Lebanon Industrial Value Chain Development (LIVCD) Project is a five year program funded by USAID. Through technical support provided to targeted value chains, the LIVCD aims to strengthen the agriculture and agro-processing sectors. This is accomplished through the enhancement of access to finance for rural small businesses and the stimulation of innovation and private sector investment. The value chains supported throughout this project include olives, honey, grapes, avocados, cherries, and apples. Moreover, LIVCD supports rural communities by focusing on food processing, a wide range of artisanal products, and rural basket products. USAID / Lebanon requested that Social Impact conduct a final performance evaluation of the LIVCD Project. InfoPro was commissioned to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the project by documenting critical successes as well as shortcomings of the project. Furthermore, the evaluation had to shed light on the approach and activities implemented under LIVCD with regards to achieving outputs, outcomes, and the sustainability of its interventions. In order to reach the objectives of the study, InfoPro conducted 28 focus groups split across the various value chains conducted under the program.