Impact of the Ban of Turkish Wafers

The Lebanese government banned the import of wafer and biscuits and detergents from Turkey. This was done in a bid to protect Lebanese industries from the devaluation of the Turkish lira which has caused these products in specific to become very cheap. At the time, InfoPro was approached by a large FMCG with the request to assess the effect of the ban on the Lebanese economy as well as to determine whether there was real dumping in the local market that could justify the ban. InfoPro, to reach the objectives of the study, recommended a multi-faceted methodology which entailed a combination of desk research, in-depth interviews with manufacturers / importers, interviews with large supermarkets in the Greater Beirut area, and field visits to retail shops in Lebanon and in Turkey. The desk research segment provided basic information such as figures on imports and exports (in size and value). The in-depth interviews with manufacturers / importers provided a general overview of the biscuits and wafer market including available products, pricing, trends, growth rates, and future expectations. The interviews also provided details on the internal manufacturing structure and financials of the various players. The Interviews with large supermarket and retailers provided information on market share of the various products and on consumer behavior and preferences. While the field visits to retailers in Lebanon and in Turkey helped to provide clarify on whether there were signs of dumping.