Market Assessment and Feasibility of New Automobile Brand

A company representing car brands was planning to expand its business to Lebanon by introducing a new car brand on the market. The client commissioned InfoPro to conduct a study on the automotive market in Lebanon and its evolution in the past couple of years. To reach the objectives of the study, InfoPro conducted a Competitive Analysis which entailed that InfoPro gather information through desk research and conduct in-depth interviews with car dealers. The desk research provided InfoPro with figures on the car market and its evolution in the past couple of years. It also provided information on custom tariff rates, taxes and registration fees. The in-depth interviews provided an overview of the competition, their offerings, their strategies in the market number, their incurred costs and the current profile of their end consumers.  InfoPro also conducted a feasibility study in order to estimate the feasibility of the models under study. The objective of this phase was to provide the client with information as to whether or not they can afford to go ahead with entering the Lebanese market. The feasibility study assumes a worst case, average and best case scenario by using the quantitative data collected from the in-depth interviews.