Market Assessment of Student Housing

The client was interested in developing a student housing project in the Administrative Beirut area and wanted to assess supply and demand of student housing across both university dormitories and furnished apartments. To achieve the objectives of the study, InfoPro recommended a multi-faceted methodology which includes desk research, in-depth interviews with the owners of furnished apartments, and in-depth interviews with university officials responsible for dormitories in the Administrative Beirut area. Through desk research, InfoPro was able to review all secondary sources available on student housing. These included data available through the Ministry of Tourism and Syndicate of Engineers and which helped in identifying current and upcoming supply. InfoPro conducted in-depth interviews with university officials and the owners of furnished apartments in the area under study. The interviews helped identify the specifications of available supply, rental rates, marketing efforts undertaken, occupancy rates, supply and demand trends in the market, in addition to other pertinent information. This enabled the client to reach clear cut conclusions as to the feasibility of the project and the specifications of the furnished apartments most in demand.