Red Cross: Perception Study

InfoPro was commissioned a study by the Lebanese Red Cross and its key partners (ICRC, the International Federation of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent and The Norwegian Red Cross). The client and its partners needed to understand the prevailing attitudes to NGOs and donation patterns to be able to devise a new fundraising strategy for the next five years. For a thorough assessment of opinions, the market survey evaluated both general public and private business perceptions to enable the Lebanese Red Cross to develop a comprehensive national plan. The surveys assessed awareness levels of NGOs in general and the Lebanese Red Cross specifically. Awareness drivers and communication channels were also examined. The surveys also aimed to investigate individual and corporate donation patterns, including sums donated and frequency, in addition to the barriers and drivers to donating. For the General Public Survey, InfoPro conducted 1,000 Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI) nationwide. The private business survey employed a combination of in‐depth interviews and face‐to‐face quantitative surveys of businesses for a better understanding of the motivating factors that compel businesses to donate. Twenty‐two in‐depth interviews were conducted with High Net Worth Individuals to explore the motivations that are critical to securing continuous and reliable funding to an NGO and 120 face‐to‐face corporate surveys were used to assess and measure behavior in a broader context.