Mystery Shopper for Electronics Retailer

A network of household electronics was interested in assessing their outlets and the performance of their personnel at all of their branches. It commissioned InfoPro to conduct a mystery shopper research which would focus on the following:

  • External and internal locale of the branch
  • Employee appearance and hygiene
  • Customer care
  • Behavior and attitude
  • Technical knowledge

The project included the evaluation of receptionists, cashiers, sales agents, section managers, and branch managers. InfoPro, in collaboration with the client, decided on the criteria to be evaluated for each job occupation, the weight of the various criteria, as well as the scenarios and transactions that the research design will need to entail. The project consisted of two waves per year; each wave was conducted during a period of one month, and there was a time lapse of two months in order for the client to be able to assess the results and re-train employees. The results allowed the client to track the performance of the sales, cashiers, management, and delivery personnel for each section and outlet. The study findings also provided the client with the strengths and weaknesses of each outlet understudy.