Mystery Shopping for fashion retailer

A group operating varied clothing retail stores commissioned InfoPro to conduct its mystery shopper research. The main objective of the study was to evaluate the customer service personnel and outlet appearance at more than 20 outlets owned by the group. The group’s personnel were evaluated through scenario simulations to assess their performance and knowledge, in addition to their cross-selling techniques. With respect to the outlets, InfoPro specifically assessed their cleanliness and tidiness while for the employee evaluation InfoPro assessed their dress code, hygiene, attitude and behavior, sales approach, ability to evaluate clients’ needs, knowledge, and cross-selling techniques. InfoPro conducted a total of 125 visits in a one month duration and provided the client with a feedback report by brand, by outlet, by dimension, and by employment category i.e. sales personnel, cashier etc. InfoPro also provided the client with a detailed qualitative report highlighting actual positive and negative scenarios.